Writer’s Note

This is a beautiful life, thank God.

One way to embrace life’s beauty is to travel. Like many of us do, we seek enlightenment, joy and adventures from it. However traveling has gone beyond an adventurous experience, it becomes a spiritual dance for my mind, body and soul.

Traveling rooted back to my childhood, but my love of travel has yet to stop. As a nomad with no particular know-about of where my “home” is, my motherland Indonesia is where I returned. I have been longing to explore more on the beauties and diversities that lies beneath the archipelago (and beyond).

My mission is to discover Indonesia as much as I can. A country so close to my heart yet unfamiliar in most cases, drives me curious to learn more, to see more, to explore more; trying to understand my own backyard and the uniqueness of its diversity.

After all Indonesia is the most populous, well diverse archipelagic country in the world with abundant hidden natural and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered.

The type of traveling doesn’t really matter. I’d go for go-shows to well planned; going solo or with a bus packed of strangers and friends; backpacking to flash packing and even luxurious trips.

In the end, every travel that I go to is a way for me to discover new cultures, people, foods, languages, arts, religions, habits, perspectives… you name it.

That raw local experiences that is far beyond monetary value, and far best is to channel my passion in social contribution and empowerment, which all ends up as treasured odysseys.

I believe everybody’s blessed with their own stories and aspiration. Allow me to share you mines, my treasured odyssey as a result of my personal enlightenment within the beauty of diverse encounters.

Please feel free to email me regarding any queries, comments and feedbacks. As you can see, I’m new to the blogsphere, it would be great to read some critics about my blog.

I do sure hope to hear back from you even for a simple hello 🙂

Let’s embrace the beauty and travel with a cause…

Much Love,

Salam Odyssey


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