About Treasured Odyssey

Hi there! thanks for stumbling by 🙂

If you would like to know the philosophy behind Treasured Odyssey, please check out Behind the Scenes.

Here you may venture my personal travel experiences through My Reminisce, Ideas & Inspirations of anything that came up along the way, various Traveling Tips even some Travel Warning within Indonesia and beyond.

A beautiful aspect of traveling that I love so much is the fact that we can freely explore our passion, which mine’s happen to be social contribution and empowerment. Thus wherever I go I tend to find ways to implement the value of Traveling With A Cause and get to know fellow Travelers Who Cares.

This world is big enough for us to share our blessings with others, especially those in need. Although my favorite thing is to bring books to the areas that I travel to, I seek to find different ways to contribute to the community, the environment and be a responsible traveler.

Pssst, don’t tell anyone but I do have a dream to build environmentally friendly public libraries around Indonesia, that also function as an empowerment and education center. A girl can dream big right? 🙂

Please feel free to email me regarding any queries, comments and feedbacks. As you can see, I’m new to the blogsphere, it would be great to read some critics about my blog.

I do sure hope to hear back from you even for a simple hello 🙂

This is a beautiful life, thank God.

Much Love.

Salam Odyssey


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