Have a Pleasant Security-Check-Free Stay at Maninjau Lake, West Sumatra

Perhaps you’ve read my previous story on Padang, let me share with you what happened to us at the gorgeous Maninjau Lake, West Sumatra.

Padang - Maninjau Lake 9

For those who are not married and plan to stay in a mixed gender room whether you are friends, in a relationship, engaged, family, acquaintances, divorced, or whatever status(es) you have with the opposite gender other than married or parents-child relations, please note that…

Maninjau have security check ups!

We had a security check up in our homestay at 1:00 am in the morning, yeap, our door were knocked that late!

About seven security guards interrogated whether we were all females in the room, and thank goodness we were.

The only guy on this trip was our driver, Rian. He was sleeping on a bed at the porch side of the room. Although literally separated from us, he was also questioned but the security left us after quite sometime.

We had no idea that we were going to be questioned by securities in the middle of the night, and we’re glad we were not in trouble.

Apparently mixed gender rooms are restricted due the religious communal of Agam district. They hold quite a strict Islamic rules which also applies to its visitors.

So tips for those traveling to this area, don’t get into a mixed gender room unless of course you are married.

There are actually quite a number of hotels and bungalows by the lake which are rarely monitored, according to the locals.

Perhaps that night was just our luck at our Rp 200,000/day homestay. But you know what, we like the place, it was cheap and were just 3 meters away from the lake. The lake view was just right in front of our doors *fresh air

Padang - Maninjau Lake 8

Much love from Indonesia.

Salam Odyssey.


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