Tips To Have a Comfortable Coach Bus Services in Malaysia

Looking at my previous not so great experience of course I would like to share several tips to fellow travelers on how to have a comfortable couch bus services in Malaysia.

We hope you will have a good bus ride cross countries 🙂

  1. Ensure that the bus company are well known for its services and schedule such as Transnasional, Sri Maju, Transtar, Aeroline, Konsortium, etc (do check online forums for public references; but if you ask me I would take Aeroline since it was comfortable, served food, toilet on board, no hassle and on time)
  2. Do not accept hand written tickets (especially written over the printing)
  3. Proper bus companies will less likely negotiate for ticket prices, stay alerted for different price offerings
  4. Avoid those workers offering you ticket services outside the locket, they are usually commissioned based and does promote the unpreferred bus companies
  5. Try booking your ticket through: (at least you may find references here)
  6. May also find references here:

Much love from Malaysia

Salam Odyssey


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