May I File This Report?

We reached platform 15 in Puduraya Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur at exactly 10:30 pm – as scheduled (hand) written on the ticket – anticipating that we will be arriving on time in Singapore.

Nope. the bus isn’t there yet.

So I asked a guy with tied up long hair and orange-redish shirt, supposedly he is one of the bus workers

Me: “Bang bas pegi Singapore kat ne? – Where can I find the bus going to Singapore?” as I showed my ticket.

Bus Platform Guy: “Bas belum datang lagi la – The bus haven’t arrived yet”

Me:  “How come? the ticket lady said the bus will come at 10:30 pm, its written on the ticket too”

Bus Platform Guy: “Tak la kak bas datang pukul 11 malam  – No, the bus should come at 11:00 pm ”

Me: “Are you sure because the ticket lady said 10:30 pm and there’s a different bus at 11:00 pm?”

Bus Platform Guy: “Pukul 11 lah kak – It will come at 11”

Then he sways away…

Confused by his answers I went to the ticket locket to ask again about the schedule. There I found the lady who sold us the ticket for RM 45, although it is printed RM 50 on the ticket.

Me: “Kak, bas pegi Singapore tak de la, pukul brapa nak datang? you cakap sepuluh setengah – Hi, the bus to Singapore isn’t on the platform you mentioned, what time will it come? you said 10:30pm?” I asked

Ticket Lady: and she simply respond “Just wait”

Me: I asked again now in English due to my frustration on her careless attitude and the tardiness of the written schedule, “Ok so is this bus going at 10:30 pm? because I see you scratch it with a pen over the 11:00 pm printing, is this even legit?”

Ticket Lady: and again she simply said in a higher tone “Just wait the bus will come, if you don’t want the ticket here let me refund it now, i’ll give your money back lah”

Shocked as I find her rude, I went back to platform 15 feeling useless speaking to her with two other ladies smoking behind her and shouted the same line, “Just wait the bus will come”.

Well when I reached back to the platform its was almost 11:00 pm, but the bus is still not there yet.

After we waited for a while, comes a lady who bought tickets the same time as we did earlier that evening. We started talking and I asked her about her tickets, she had 4. She said her bus schedule is at 11:00 pm; two of which is typed 11:00 pm and the other two hand scratched 10:30 pm. Furthermore the ticket were also hand scratched with different seats number.

We waited and waited, other passengers started to question the same “Where is the bus?” and we constantly hear “Wait it will come” by the long haired orange-reddish shirt guy. We waited at the humid platform leaning to the rail, sweating and concerned. At around 11:30 pm the bus finally came.

We entered the bus and seat comfortably in the reclined chair, we thought we were going to depart as soon as everyone is on board BUT we still have to wait for 2 more passengers. Apparently they havent sold the seats.

As we waited, the bus driver approached a guy behind us and ask him to move to another seat. The guy agreed, but I was confused because everyone should have seats numbers written on the tickets, so why move?

The second time happened again when they finally got the last passenger and move another existing passenger on board by simply saying “You need to move here because there’s another passenger coming, he is old and sick”.

I didn’t bother much about what’s going on anymore because we were just too worried about the schedule and tired from all the walk we did during the day.

We were almost 2 hours late when the bus finally make its move! At a time when we thought it will pass the toll gate and directly head to Singapore, the bus made a maneuver to stop for almost 20 minutes. Did not quite understand what were they doing? I was too disappointed to find out, so I rested my head to sleep.

Driving in full speed, the bus floor were leaked. We had no idea what those liquids were but it is all over the bus floor, perhaps its from the air condition? But it made the bags we put on the floor all wet. Arhh.. ok.

Once we reached the immigration point the driver told the passengers to fill out the Immigration Card properly and quickly, those who are late will be left behind. Well, we thought he was just bluffing. But guess what?

We helped the four ladies with limited language capabilities to understand the form they were filling, and then we head directly to que a very long line with double lane just for one immigration officer. We had no troubles at all from the immigration, it went smoothly but was time consuming.

WSR 5000 plate number was not seen anywhere in the parking area. We went back and forth the area just to make sure we had not missed it, but we did not find the bus we rode. That red, black, white and grey colored bus just left us! The driver was indeed not bluffing.

For some reason we were not upset anymore, not as upset and as frustrated as we were with the bus schedule and the uncomfortable conditions. We just looked at each other smiling and decided to take the taxi, we truly felt in peace without negativity.

In the taxi we discussed how weird this is. I have ridden buses from Puduraya Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore numerous times, but this is the first time a bad experience happened to me. There were NEVER any problem with the schedule (always or almost on time), service (as annoying as some people are they were never this rude), and the responsibility (other bus companies usually recheck the passengers and make sure they are all on board before they left the area).

Well, we don’t always have nice stories when we travel right? but behind unlucky incidents we usually found its true values 🙂

  1. We got to help the 4 ladies with limited language capabilities understanding their Immigration form and communicate with other people – they made it across and to the bus 🙂
  2. We reached our destination much faster than we thought. When we decided to take taxi from the Immigration point which cost us $S 36 – with the only money we have left ($S 39). Initially we were supposed to use the money to buy souvenirs but thank goodness we found what we looked for in Malaysia so we had spare Singapore Dollars.
  3. We meet an old guy in the airport who suddenly asked us to approach him, he politely said that the is going home but didn’t have enough money to buy foods. With the $S 3 (in coins) left in our pockets we bought 2 loaf of breads, one for him and one for us. We didn’t quite know the authenticity of the old guy, whether he was a beggar or not because we met inside Changi Airport, how unlikely right? but we were glad we could still share with the only $S 3 we have left.

So may I file this report, as a blessing in disguise?

To avoid what happened to us read on… Tips to Have a Comfortable Coach Bus Services in Malaysia

Much Love & Salam Odyssey.


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