Lush Green Padang, Beyond Expectations

Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia was beyond expectations.

Despite its delicious Rendang (beef dish with coconut spices), Gulai (coconut curry based) and Sate (skewers), little that I know Padang is actually a nature’s haven.

Padang - Food 3
Padang - Food 2

Hills over hills of grand rocks and lush rice paddies, covered in trees and water falls right by the street, the area was green all the way. Just beautiful, even from above.

Padang - Aeorial View

We’re getting ready to land!

Although time was tight, within two days we got to visit several beautiful places including Maninjau Lake and Lembah Harau which is definitely a must go when anyone’s there.

Padang - Maninjau Lake 4

We went through Kelok 44, which literlaly translates 44 turns for the 44 turns we had to go down and up hill with a view of Maninjau Lake.

Padang - Maninjau Lake 9

This lake is quite similar to Lake Toba in North Sumatra. Although not as big as Lake Toba, Maninjau have many one of a kind Belibis fish compounds.

Padang - Maninjau Lake 7

Belibis Fish

Padang - Maninjau Lake 6

Fishing for Belibis Fish

Padang - Maninjau Lake 8



After the shocking security cheek up incident, we slept and woke up pretty refreshed – ready to enjoy the day – off we go to see Ambun Pagi located on top of the hill overlooking the whole lake, so we went through Kelok 44 once more.

There was a sign in Kelok 44 which said “Indahnya Ciptaan Allah Adalah Sesuatu Yang Patut Kita Syukuri”; “Beautiful God Given Creations Are Things That We Should Be Thankful Of

Padang - Maninjau Lake 5Padang - Maninjau Lake 1

I must say, this sign has become one of my favorite 🙂 Indeed, the views from above is just spectacular.

Padang - Maninjau Lake 3

We went further up to the Paragliding area to see the whole lake panorama. At first I was like, hold on I’m not in Brazil, nor am I in New Zealand, I’m in Padang, baby! Hehe… It was misty but we can see the whole lake!

Padang - Maninjau Lake 2

Gosh, there was a hammock to chill by the slopes we were standing on, but time was running tight so we had to wrap up and catch our way to Lembah Harau.

After few hours of ride, we finally arrived in Lembah Harau. This place is just too pretty, rows of walls and lush green terraces, I think If I were a climber I would be in a climbgasmic state.

Padang - Lembah Harau 1

The walls are practically available for any stages and types of climbings! Various degrees, wall textures and heights, there were even dudes who climbed without shoes, how brave.

Padang - Lembah Harau 7

Padang - Lembah Harau 8

Padang - Lembah Harau 2

There were an observation deck too see the canyon from a hill, but I was quite sad to see how it was under maintained. The rails were broken and trashes are everywhere, just wished there are more human consciousness in conserving beautiful places like this, as simply as throwing trashes to its rightful place.

Padang - Lembah Harau 6

Padang - Lembah Harau 3

Padang - Lembah Harau 5

As dawn approaches on our way to Pagaruyung Castle, we went to a warung (street stall) to taste coffee leaf tea.

Padang Sunset

For a coffee and tea aficionado like me, combining both sounds heavenly 😀 It was served in a coconut cup too, how cool! We also had banana fritters and fried tofu, to accompany our rumbling stomach.

So what does the tea taste like? well it taste like tea, but has that hint of coffee strong and a bit of bitterness. Me likey! so we bought one plastic back to Jakarta for only Rp 10,000 (USD 1) 😀 yeahh!

Padang - Coffee Leaf Tea

Padang - Banana Fritter

Hours passed by… We’ve visited Lembah Harau, Maninjau Lake, Pagaruyung Castle, Gadang Clock Tower, and many more. Our days spent in Padang were well worth it, it was unlike what I had in mind Padang is blessed with scenic landscapes and fertile land.

Padang - Rice Field 2

There was a waterfall by the road too, I can’t complaint 🙂

Padang - Waterfall

For more references on Padang area, you might want to check out:

Much love from Indonesia.

Salam Odyssey.


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