Traveling Enlightenment Within the Beauty of Diverse Encounters

“Traveling Enlightenment Within the Beauty of Diverse Encounters”

What in the world does that even mean?

If I google it up, I would find a lot of references on different types of travelers out there.

I personally believe traveling is such an enlightening odyssey.

It’s not only about enjoying ourself in beautiful places, leisuring and splurge out… well isn’t that more of a vacation?

Instead, traveling birth new perspectives, new ideas, new encounters, new taste, new influence, new level of tolerance and understanding.

Although we all know at times foreign land just seems so… foreign, so different… but it’s exactly the priceless experiences and enlightenments found outside of the comfort zone that’s treasured.

Seize traveling as food for the mind, body and soul (tummies too sometimes).

Let’s not forget the best part, traveling is also a way to “give” back to others; may it be to our loved ones, the society, the under privileged, mother nature, the economy… welp ya name it.

As if we all haven’t realized all this right? 😉

Much Love from Indonesia.

Salam Odyssey


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