Top 10 Culinary Hopping in Melting Pot City – Kuala Lumpur

“Kuala Lumpur, indah tak terkata. Kuala lumpur, engkau kian tercemar. Biar pun kau begitu, hanya kaulah destinasiku” – “Kuala lumpur” by Hujan.

The lyric translates “Kuala lumpur, words can’t describe your beauty. Kuala lumpur, you’re increasingly polluted. Nevertheless, you are still my destination,” an excerpt from Hujan, one of Malaysia’s biggest indie bands whom I got to know personally back then with a project. The keyboardist who is also the Producer and Manager of Hujan, Hang Dimas is an Indonesian – what are the odds?

I’ve heard many told me how they did not enjoy their time in Kuala Lumpur (KL), as much as they’ve imagined it would be, but I beg it differ. The capital city of Malaysia host a range of interesting things to do and see in every corner that it has, of course much more than the Petronas Twin Towers 🙂

If you’re into cultures? something’s there, upmarket? something’s there, nightlife? something’s there, nature? something’s there, history? something’s there, totally local? of course there’s plenty.

I would definitely recommend culinary hopping as the outmost important agenda to every Kuala Lumpur trips. Hehe, I’m a little bit objective here because I love foods, food is numero uno, but hey.

I’m particularly embazzled by Malaysia’s blessed by culturally diverse community of not only Malays, who in many occasion are culturally influenced by Indonesian through Nusantara histroy, but also Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and many more amongst others.

The wealthy blend of various cultures all together, collects itself into a rich melting pot of delicious and exotic culinary!

You name it, there’s Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Briyani, Chicken Tandoori, Roti Canai, Char Kwey Tiau and the list goes on and on.

With more business spring in the streets of KL and Klang Valley area by its foreigner friendly environment, we can practically find authentic foods from around the world, but my personal favorite out of all would be Arabic foods… oh soo yummmy I can already imagine those delocious Chicken Aukhda and Kabsah 🙂

So, where to go?

1. SS2, Subang Jaya (RM 7 – 20)

Malaysian Fusion – street style. The portion is huge but it’s definitely enough for hungry tummies with tingling taste buds. Try the Roti Hawaii, it’s a combination of pizza, roti in Hawaiian style (because of the pineapple), and if you order the Meatball Spaghetti, prepare to bite into literally tennis sized meatballs. I dare you!

2. Little Genting, Kuala Lumpur (RM 7 – 20+)

Gorgeous views of Kuala Lumpur at night makes this place a memorable one. There are several restaurants to choose from such as Gasoline. Have a nice chill dinner with the loved ones here overlooking romantic nightlights and breezy wind; it’s totally casual and relaxing, which I love!

3. Old Town Kopi Tiam, Kuala Lumpur (RM 3 – 15)

Kopi Tiam is a must go whenever you are in Malaysia and Singapore. But I particularly love the Low Mien Noodle in Old Town (Old Town is everywhere from Bukit Bintang to the corner of Ampang Mall), the Nasi Lemak is also very good and priced reasonably. Might not wanna miss out on the hot Kaya Bun though and of course a cup of Old Town White Coffee to complete a nice dine.

4. Nasi Kandar Pelita, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) Area, KL (RM 7 – 20)

Said to be the best Nasi Kandar in Malaysia, easily found in the areas of Petronas Twin Towers. I bet all of the taxi drivers know where it is, tour guides as well. The price is a bit pricy but for those seeking for strong spiced Indian influenced foods, do come by and give it a try.

5. Hong Kong Noodle, Pavillion Mall Foodcourt, KL (RM 7 – 15)

Order the duck noodle, it’s! and don’t forget to try the Neslo Dinosaur at the drinking stall right in front of it.

6. Gasoline Restaurant, Sungai Wang Area, KL (RM 5 – 20)

Another Malaysian fusion restaurant with funky interiors to perk your dine out; ever eaten with ghosts? yeah, I said that right.

7. Saba Restaurant, Cyberjaya (RM 8 – 20)

Arabic Food at its best! people from all over the Klang Valley area and beyond come here to indulge themselves in delicious kabsah and kebab with tasty banana lassi drink and a Shi Sha afterwards, apple mint flavor please!

8. Ayam Cheemeng, Bukit Bintang Area, KL (RM 6 – 15)

Cheemeng in Indonesian means we*d, which caught my attention at first but then when I tried their Nasi Ayam Hainan, oh my goodness, they put the meaning of addiction into another new level.

9. Ayam Penyet Ria, Sunway (RM 6 – 15)

Indonesian foods are everywhere in KL, there’s also several Padang food which I would definitely put in my Top 20 list. However Ayam Penyet in Ria restaurant is good, I feel like I was eating back home in Indonesia, the sambal is what I missed the most – very Indonesian indeed.

10.Mamak NZ Cyberia, Cyberjaya (RM 3 – 15)

So every food in this mamak is definitely recommended but Maggie Goreng is my favorite they put some Indian spices into the food which makes an instant noodle so exotic with addition of tofu, chicken and tauge (bean sprouts). I’d also recommend Nasi Goreng Kampung and the Kwetiau Goreng. Oily but seriously yummy. Don’t forget to drink Teh Tarik! – it’s Malaysia’s specialty drink.

Go… go… go!

Selamat Makan! (Happy Eating a.k.a Bon Apetit)

Much love from Malaysia.

Salam Odyssey 🙂


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